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The Toolkit

Overview of the toolkit

This toolkit is for anyone who manages, leads, supervises or works with volunteers, and wants to develop a more positive, emotionally resilient volunteering culture. The toolkit aims to help you develop and practice skills around working with emotions effectively.

The toolkit is a set of activities in five themed sections:

  1. Exploring my role;
  2. Exploring emotions;
  3. Learning to cope;
  4. Understanding volunteering;
  5. Putting it into practice.

It is designed to fit around you and the team you work in.

You could do the activities as part of regular team meetings, as part of your development, or in the moment, as you need them.

Some of the activities are designed to be completed with staff teams, others with staff and volunteers, and others are self-reflection exercises. Lots of the activities are suitable for individual learning and reflection, so you can use them as needed to support your own personal development plan.

The toolkit also includes a ‘Guide to using the activity toolkit’ covering helpful information about how to approach and use the toolkit activities.

How can I access the toolkit?

We are pleased to be able to offer the toolkit completely free of charge to download.

There is an English language and a Welsh language version available. 

To download the toolkit we will ask you to register through a simple web-based form.

Why do we ask you to register?

The toolkit is based on the findings of a piece of academic research and is still a work in progress. It is really important for us to understand how individuals and organisations use it, how useful it is, and what we might be able to do to improve it. This is actually crucial in order to help develop more resilient volunteering cultures in the sector.

As part of registering to download the toolkit, we ask that you agree to be part of a feedback process that enables us to assess and evaluate the impact of the toolkit. This feedback process simply involves a few short questions at the time of registration, and then a feedback survey emailed to you at 6 months and 12 months from registration.

We invite you to come on this learning journey with us and hope that you think that this a useful and worthwhile process. We will of course make any updates or findings from this feedback process available to all those who have registered.

Please be assured that all the data is stored securely and processed anonymously in accordance with GDPR regulations as set out in our privacy policy.


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